What to do if someone is suicidal

Dear All

This is a mental health awareness week.

I thought you may be interested in this suicide awareness course https://www.zerosuicidealliance.com/training.

Suicide seems more of an epidemic than COVID-19 so far. The WHO estimated that 800,000 people died by suicide in 2016.

There’s a 5-minuted shorter version and a 20 minutes full course.

Main takeways:

  • see the problem, say the words, signpost to support
  • be prepared
  • talk
  • just being there, starting a conversation and listening is how you can help
  • ask if they saw a health professional
  • use the word “suicide
  • ask about a plan and if they’d done something
  • what we can do now to make things a bit more manageable?
  • offer practical help and support
  • if someone is in the middle of a suicide attempt you have to get them to a safe place where they can get help
  • don’t remind them that their suicide would hurt others, it could make them feel worse
  • keep them “safe for now
  • families should be actively involved professional interventions

The course has been promoted by this BBC article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52702048.

Everyone should be aware, able to detect signs and know what to do.

Published by Jitka Horcickova

You know how some people get bullied in the workplace? And sometimes flashbacks from the past are haunting them even years after they left that situation? Well, what I do is to help them remove the emotional charge from their traumatic experiences and find their path to freedom.

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