E’ stato molto liberatorio fare la sessione, ho sentito come una rinascita e un senso di profonda comprensione dopo la nostra sessione. Il dopo e’ stato come un susseguirsi delle sensazioni miste a razionalita’ e comprensione interiore. Grazie moltissimo per l’aiuto con mindfulness che mi ha ridato un senso piu’ chiaro delle cose. 

Giulia Portuese, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Translation: It was very liberating to do the session, I felt like a rebirth and a sense of deep understanding after our session. It was followed by a succession of sensations mixed with rationality and inner understanding. Thank you so much for helping me with mindfulness that gave me a clearer sense of things. 

Published by Jitka Horcickova

You know how some people get bullied in the workplace? And sometimes flashbacks from the past are haunting them even years after they left that situation? Well, what I do is to help them remove the emotional charge from their traumatic experiences and find their path to freedom.

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