Train yourself to savour to increase your happiness

I was cycling in the countryside this afternoon when I became taken with the beautiful light on the trees in front of me. When I turned around, there was a wonderful sunset over the field. I decided to stop and savour that moment.

Alongside mindfulness, savouring the moment is a practice that can enhance our sense of happiness. While mindfulness teaches us to observe the moment without judgement, savouring is about turning up the volume on a positive moment or experience. Really allowing yourself to enjoy it and going deeper into the moment experiencing a beautiful image, a deeply satisfying conversation, tasting a delicious meal.

When we really savour an experience, we create stronger and more intensive memories. We can then consciously recall those memories in moments that are not so positive. If we can develop the habit of savouring positive moments, creating strong positive memories, we can also develop stronger emotional resiliency. This can prepare and empower us to deal with the more challenging moments we may face in the future. A sense of personal resiliency and empowerment can increase our happiness and satisfaction in our lives.


For one week try to savour a moment each day, enjoying a tasty treat, friendly words, loving message, beautiful scenery, an act of kindness… Really turn the volume on the positive emotion that this moment has created. Increase the positive feelings even more. This effects the pleasure centres in your brain. Enjoy the pleasurable sensations and allow yourself to stay there as long as you can. You might try to gently stroke the back of your hand with your fingertips. This can deepen the positive elements of the memory you’re creating even more.

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