Living like a wayfinder

Martha Beck presents a concept of living like a wayfinder. Like ancient Polynesian mariners learned to observe stars, nature, animals to navigate the sees, so can we use our intuition to navigate the complexities of today’s world 🌍

NeuroCoaching has strategies how to access our intuition in a very gentle yet quick and deep and profound way, and transform those memories that may be disturbing us and holding us back so that we can move on, eliminate the pain from the traumatic memories and thrive in life, for the benefit of ourselves, our dear ones, all beings, the world.

❤️❤️ I’m Open to New Clients. DM me if you’re interested. 😊

Published by Jitka Horcickova

You know how some people get bullied in the workplace? And sometimes flashbacks from the past are haunting them even years after they left that situation? Well, what I do is to help them remove the emotional charge from their traumatic experiences and find their path to freedom.

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