RIP Elizabeth & Václav

RIP Queen Elizabeth II, RIP my brother Václav. National mourning in the UK is for me aligned with a very personal mourning. My brother had much bigger impact on me than the Queen. I’ll miss her, but I will miss him more! May nobody have such grief of losing a brother 5 years after losing a sister. When I was growing up I sometimes wished to be the only child. But it’s so much better life with siblings! May this be for you a day of appreciation of your siblings. Let them know that you love them, you need them and they mean a lot to you. Tomorrow it may be too late! With sympathy to the royal family and to my family. This is a very sad year.

Published by Jitka Horcickova

You know how some people get bullied in the workplace? And sometimes flashbacks from the past are haunting them even years after they left that situation? Well, what I do is to help them remove the emotional charge from their traumatic experiences and find their path to freedom.

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