Helping others may help you!

A recent study has shown a link between generosity and happiness. Participants were randomly divided into two groups. Members of each group were given a sum of money. The experimental group were tasked to publicly pledge to spend the money on others. The control group were tasked to spend the money on themselves. After havingContinue reading “Helping others may help you!”

What to do if someone is suicidal

Dear All This is a mental health awareness week. I thought you may be interested in this suicide awareness course Suicide seems more of an epidemic than COVID-19 so far. The WHO estimated that 800,000 people died by suicide in 2016. There’s a 5-minuted shorter version and a 20 minutes full course. Main takeways:Continue reading “What to do if someone is suicidal”

How to improve your lockdown stress response

The Oxford English Dictionary defines stress in the psychological and biological sense as “an adverse circumstance that disturbs, or is likely to disturb, the normal physiological or psychological functioning of an individual”. When we hear about stress, we usually think of a negative impact that a stressful situation might have on us. Indeed, excessive stressContinue reading “How to improve your lockdown stress response”

Take advantage of the lockdown to improve your sleep

A recent study indicates that a large difference between sleep patterns during the week and on the weekend may impair your attention.  While a sleep-in on the weekend may be beneficial to recover from lack of sleep during the week, the irregularity of the sleep pattern may be detrimental to your cognitive performance. Participants ofContinue reading “Take advantage of the lockdown to improve your sleep”


Jitka helped me to be able to better focus on, connect the dots, and compare the many creative thoughts running through my head.This coaching process is really good for helping you sort things out to make decisions. Thank you Jitka Ruth Deutsch, Los Angeles, United States

Turn your anxious brain into a positive and optimistic one

Wondering if it’s possible to turn your anxious brain into a positive and optimistic one? These days it’s easy to feel anxious or even fearful or depressed. But remember, all thoughts and experiences are stored in our brains as memories. Which do you think leave a deeper impression: positive thoughts and events or negative ones?Continue reading “Turn your anxious brain into a positive and optimistic one”

Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge celebrates 75 years

The Cognition an Brain Science Unit at the University of Cambridge is using cognitive theory and innovations in neuroscience to understand and improve mental wellbeing across the lifespan. The Unit organised an exciting festival of medical research for volunteers and supporters. I was able to visit their MRI and MEG sections. I tried a virtualContinue reading “Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge celebrates 75 years”