Calm mind

When Mind is unsettled and everything is frazzled, you can’t focus on one thing, can’t find answers to questions, solutions to problems, see the possibilities. When Mind is calm, the picture becomes sharper, ideas and insights come naturally to you, you suddenly see the answers to your questions, have deep insights, aha moments, discover yourContinue reading “Calm mind”

Forgive to improve your well-being

Forgiveness is the releasing of negative and promotion of positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours toward someone who hurt you. Recent studies indicate that forgiveness can positively impact personal health and well-being as well as personal and professional relationships. Forgiving others can reduce your stress, improve your health and cognitive function. If you forgive, you’ll becomeContinue reading “Forgive to improve your well-being”

Are you experiencing anxiety in the workplace? Try yawning

Anxiety makes you brain’s temperature go up So try not to get hot-heated. Instead, bring the temperature down by yawning . Yawning is the quickest way to eliminate mental stress and anxiety. Turning down the volume on our anxiety brings us more mental clarity and calmness and this allows us to make better decisions. NeurociseContinue reading “Are you experiencing anxiety in the workplace? Try yawning”

Train yourself to savour to increase your happiness

I was cycling in the countryside this afternoon when I became taken with the beautiful light on the trees in front of me. When I turned around, there was a wonderful sunset over the field. I decided to stop and savour that moment. Alongside mindfulness, savouring the moment is a practice that can enhance ourContinue reading “Train yourself to savour to increase your happiness”

Helping others increases the meaningfulness of our work

Results of a recent study indicate that perceiving own work as helping others has positive impact on the individual’s sense of meaningfulness. So helping others is useful for both parties involved, the person helping and the person being helped. Finding our work meaningful gives us joy and satisfaction. To know that we’re helping people canContinue reading “Helping others increases the meaningfulness of our work”