Heal memories
Take control in extreme situations
Learn strategies for neurological self-defence

Facing a traumatising situation? Bullying in the workplace?
Disturbing flashbacks haunting you
Worried about future?

Heal your traumatising memories from the past
Take control during a current distressing situation
Learn emotional and neurological self-defence strategies for the future

Feel better and thrive!

And all you want is to assuage the trauma so that it’s less intense, uncover what’s holding you back and dissolve the block.
You are going to connect the dots, find clarity to make the right decision for you.
You will find the resolve, the strength, the self-confidence to move on in life.
When you regain trust and recover the energy to deal with the situation, it will allow you to take control, get unstuck and find your path to freedom!
You will feel better, see your value, the impact it makes.
Equipped with emotional and neurological self-defence strategies, you will be free to channel your passion, find your big why and follow your true calling.
Which causes you to feel fulfilled, enthusiastic and satisfied.
Your relationships are thriving and your work is highly valued.
It’s a joy to live happy, constructive life, full of hope for a bright future.

NeuroCoaching is here to help!

The fastest, most permanent way to emotional relief from the effects of traumatic memories.

Clients said

The conscious relaxation techniques I learned with Jitka have been life changing. I was very impressed with the depth of the work. I could access long lost memories and relate to them in a different way in the present. It was like healing memories.

Sue Green, Cambridge, United Kingdom

 Through Jitka’s coaching process, I was able to see these situations from different perspectives, learn by them, and reconsolidate the memories.  

Nancy Rose, Ontario, Canada

It truly is an incredible experience and Jitka made the whole process so easy and comfortable, even when I had tears streaming down my face. Thank you so much for your help in finding my deepest why and helping me discover my path to Freedom.

Terri Read, Christchurch, New Zealand

Neurocoaching was quicker and more effective than other forms of coaching because it helped me access my inner knowing really fast. 

Christine Ashton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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A unique form of brain-based, evidence-based, mindfulness-based coaching.

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