What is Coaching?

Coaching is a personal development process. It’s based on collaboration between the client and the coach. The client may want to resolve an issue or enhance their personal or professional life. The coach can help the client understand the issue and resolve it in a positive way. Or the coach can help the client unlock their potential for even better and more fulfilling life. Sky’s the limit!

What is NeuroCoaching?

NeuroCoaching is a special type of coaching based on the latest brain research. Its unique approach involves both the client and the coach being in a state of deep relaxation. This allows them both to access their intuition. The session evolves as a sync of the two people. The client is able to discover the root-cause of the issue they want to work on. The coach is able to suggest strategies that may help the client  deal with the issue.

Unlike other forms of personal development and business coaching, which are primarily anchored in traditional, psychological, cognitive, or metaphysical theories, NeuroCoaching involves new forms of mindful communication and intuitive problem-solving that have emerged from the collaborative brain-scan research of Andrew Newberg (Jefferson University), Mark Waldman, and Chris Manning (both from Loyola Marymount University). 

These brain-based, evidence-based, and mindfulness-based strategies have been shown to alter specific brain networks in ways that instantly enhance one’s intuitive ability to calmly find creative solutions to virtually any obstacle or problem:  in the workplace and at home, in personal relationships and social situations, and for reducing stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma.   It is an experiential process using a unique form of mutual dialog that gives the client new tools that can easily be integrated into one’s daily life. 

Who is Jitka?

Jitka Horcickova is a certified NeuroCoach. She also holds a masters’ degree in modern languages, literature and information technology, and she has 15 years’ experience in business analysis, process improvement and enabling change. She uses brain-based and mindfulness-based strategies to assist people in making profound changes in their personal and professional life, and she specializes in applying the NeuroCoaching protocol in working with a wide range of addictions (which she defines as “wanting something that you don’t want to want”). Jitka lives in the UK and provides coaching services in English, Italian, and Czech.

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