What can we do for you?

Jitka offers NeuroCoaching to help you:

  • discover obstacles that may be preventing you from living your life in full and reaching your full potential
  • release blocks that may be based on memories from the past
  • decide how to deal with a situation
  • create an action plan
  • learn strategies that may help you deal with daily challenges
  • deal with problems in a relaxed way
  • make decisions based on own your inner values
  • live in the present moment
  • savor your achievements and create pleasurable experiences
  • create new useful habits

What is the first step?

Please book a FREE Clarity Call (opens in a new window / tab) to establish whether NeuroCoaching is a good fit for you.

What happens in a session?

Everything evolves in a relaxed mindful intuitive way. No other preparation is needed. At the beginning of the first session we’ll dedicate some time to reviewing your intake form. Then we’ll work together on the issue or question you identify. It may be different from the issue or question that you first identified.

The session will take place on the Internet, using online video conferencing software. You’ll need 1.5 hours uninterrupted time in a quiet environment. This includes preparation time for the video conference and a little bit of time at the end for reflection.

Each session lasts an hour. At the end of the session we will summarise the main insights and agree on any brief homework assignments that may be useful.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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