I had NeuroCoaching sessions with Jitka around the issue of workplace bullying that I had experienced in my past. There were several incidents involving different people that I worked with in different work environments over the past decades. At the time of our first session, I didn’t realize how much emotional charge I was holding onto with these memories until I began to talk about them with her (which I self-rated to be a 7/10 on our fist session). As a sensitive person, I was very upset when these unwarranted aggressive verbal attacks on me took place. Even though they occurred so long ago, when I recalled the events, it felt like yesterday. I also wasn’t aware of how much they were still impacting my current life. Through Jitka’s coaching process, I was able to see these situations from different perspectives, learn by them, and reconsolidate the memories. By the end of my sessions I had no emotional charge related to these memories (0/10). I’m very grateful for having these NeuroCoaching sessions with Jitka and I’m a freer and lighter person because of her support and guidance. I’m also more compassionate with myself and with others because of the transformative coaching process that Jitka so skillfully navigated me through. I highly recommend working with Jitka to find freedom from workplace bullying! She is a truly compassionate coach who will hold space for your inner transformation. It’s so worth it! Thank you so much Jitka!

Nancy Rose, Ontario, Canada

The conscious relaxation techniques I learned with Jitka have been life changing, they really help me to keep focus and calm under stressful situations. I was also very impressed by the depth of the work, I could access long lost memories of my childhood and I felt as if I had the chance to re-live situations and give myself what I needed at the moment and relate to this memory in a different way in the present, it was like “healing memories”. Since, it has really felt as I have been able to move forward, make peace with them, something I had worked on with other therapy techniques but was not able to heal completely. 

Sue Green, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I struggled to find my real “Why”.  Why, I wanted to be successful and what would push me through the tough times.  In November 2019 I decided to give Neuro coaching a try and was put in touch with Jitka Horcickova.  Jitka immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable with her.  She has a beautiful soul that shines through and is extremely patient.  After our first session I felt like I had found my why and I was feeling a clarity that I didn’t have before.  She asked me to ask my intuition if I needed another session and I agreed to one more and it was after this second session that my deepest why was reveled to me.  Through out both sessions I would have insights into my subconscious mind and learn more and more about what I needed to do or accomplish.  It truly is an incredible experience and Jitka made the whole process so easy and comfortable, even when I had tears streaming down my face.  Thank you so much for your help in finding my deepest why and helping me discover my path to Freedom.

Terri Read, Christchurch, New Zealand

Jitka´s open heart and calm manner made me feel relaxed and present in our sessions. She has a lot of compassion for others and is eager to help. Her excellent listening and analytical skills have helped me move through my issues. She gives helpful suggestions without being pushy, and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend booking a session with Jitka 

Kjersti Hattrem, Oslo, Norway

Jitka helped me to be able to better focus on, connect the dots, and compare the many creative thoughts running through my head.This coaching process is really good for helping you sort things out to make decisions. Thank you Jitka

Ruth Deutsch, Los Angeles, United States

Ho fatto una sessione con Jitka per smettere di fumare e devo dire che e’ il metodo migliore che abbia mai provato. Sicuramente richiede della volontà’ ma se si vuol smettere di fumare e’ un grande aiuto e Jitka e’ bravissima.

Translation: I had a session with Jitka to quit smoking and I have to say it’s the best method I’ve ever tried. Surely it requires will ‘ but if you want to quit smoking it’s a great help and Jitka is great.

Luca Pagliaro, Cosenza, Italy

My first ever session of neurocoaching with Jitka NeuroCoaching was a week ago and the results are amazing! Plus they just keep on unfolding. Neurocoaching was quicker and more effective than other forms of coaching because it helped me access my inner knowing really fast and express what it is I really need for success without any sense of struggle or pressure. This novel approach to unlocking potential and releasing blocks bypassed my busy analytical brain and got straight to the core of deep awareness only possible in the deep relaxed state Jitka supported me to enter. I wondered if I was ‘doing it right’ but Jitka assured me that the method works great even when just a few words are spoken by me. I could see that the science behind the approach ensures each word is a golden thread for Jitka to weave into her method. She makes it seem effortless for you as she works her neurocoaching craft.

Christine Ashton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Il lavoro con Jitka e stato molto liberatorio, ho sentito come una rinascita e un senso di profonda comprensione. Il dopo e’ stato come un susseguirsi delle sensazioni miste a razionalita’ e comprensione interiore. Grazie moltissimo per l’aiuto con mindfulness che mi ha ridato un senso piu’ chiaro delle cose. 

Giulia Portuese, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Translation: The work I did with Jitka was very liberating, I felt like reborn and a sense of deep understanding. It was followed by a succession of sensations mixed with rationality and inner understanding. Thank you so much for helping me with mindfulness that gave me a clearer sense of things. 

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